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18.02.2015, 00:30

I'm trying to find a way to be able to search for an address or place using only one field.
In the SDK I have only been able to locate:
- nearby search, which is very limited and seems to have a radius limit,
- multistep search, that requires the user to fill up multiple fields to enter an address, which is not user friendly on a mobile device.

I saw that in the scout maps app, the search is efficient and only using one input field. Is there a way to achieve that with the SDK?

Thank you.

18.02.2015, 06:52
Currently, multi step search - where you enter the country, city & street in a sequence - is the only supported way of geocoding by the SDK.

One line search - writing the entire search query in one line of text, i.e. "Berlin, Alexander Platz, 14B" - is not supported at the moment.
It is on the roadmap and will likely be available late 2015 or early 2016.

At the app level you can of course use other geocoding/search services and arrive at something similar to what we have in the Scout app.