View Full Version : A dumb question from a newbie

17.02.2015, 00:41
I just purchased a smartphone Samsung Galaxy 4S and I am learning how to install apps.

And here comes the question:

Suppose I find an interesting app on a website and I want to install it on my smartphone.

Is it possible to download the app on my computer ( the smartphone not connected to the computer ),save the
app and at a later point install it on my smartphone ?

At least I imagine it should work but I am not sure.

Thank you for your help


19.02.2015, 10:56
Hi Hubert, yes you can download the apk (if offered) and transfer it via the USB-Cable to your PC.

Tape onto the apk then go to settings and enable "unknown sources" (German: unbekannte Quellen) and you can install any apk onto your phone.

Hope this helps

16.04.2016, 12:47
I think that could be possible. But after all, I'm not really sure if you install this app via an apk (if provided), whether your in app purchases can be verified about the google play services...
I always would install this app directly from the google play store.