View Full Version : Why the Map starts in Berlin?

03.02.2015, 22:33

why the map starts first time it was shown in Berlin?
getMapSettings().setFollowerMode is set to SKMapFollowerMode.NONE

Can I displayed the Earth for first time?
Or can I display nothing until I have a current position?

When I set followerMode to Position, then Berlin was not displayed.
But if I had no current position then I see the position icon is on a sea (near Afrika) and map background is blue.
How can I handle this, anyone have an idea?

04.02.2015, 12:44
See if http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26752936/default-current-location-pin-in-skobbler-map addresses your question

04.02.2015, 20:57
Hey dandronic,

yes this is exactly my question.
I know this, but in my app has no function.

I tried it in onSurfaceCreated method, but nothing changed.