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31.01.2015, 22:02
Hello again,

for my project I'm using the turn by turn navigation from skobbler. The navigation works fine but I would like to customize the frequency and the art of the navigation announcements. The user should hear only announcements like "here left", "here right" or "straight ahead" and only 10-30+- meters before he should do that. Everything else like "distance to the destination", "in 200 meters turn left" etc. should not be triggered.

Is it possible to do such adjustments?

Thank you,

01.02.2015, 23:41
Could you put those features on for Nook too?

02.02.2015, 15:33
In order to modify the audio advices you will have to modify the general.csv file in the /advisor_configfiles folder
E.g. If you're using the en_us language resources:
On Android: inside SKMaps.zip the /Maps/Advisor/en_us/advisor_configfiles folder
On iOS: inside the SKAdvisorResources.bundle the /Languages/en_us/advisor_configfiles folder

In the general.csv file you'll see the rules that we use to handle different situations (open the general.csv file inside excel to better visualise the document).
In there you will see a combination between audio files (reach_destination_distance,speed_limit_is, etc. ) - the name of the audio files has to be identical with the name you use in the config file - and information coming from the SDK – what is prefixed with $.

For configuring the distance to audio advice you will have to modify the advice_places.adv file
On Android: inside SKMaps.zip the /Maps/Advisor/ folder
On iOS: inside the SKAdvisorResources.bundle the /Configs/ folder
In there, for each type of instruction (crossing = turn left or right, highway exit, roundabout, etc.) there are 3 advices generated at 3 different distances (we actually have 2 sets of distances, one when outside of cities and one when inside a city). Modify those distances to achieve the "only 10-30+- meters before" requirement.

Depending on the type of road you are on you will be playing (see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:highway for the OSM equivalent):
Motorway & Trunk = _H
Primary & Secondary = _M
Motorway_link & Tertiary & Primary_link & Secondary_link & Tertiary_link & Trunk_link = _C
Pedestrian & Service & Bridleway & FerryPed & Unclassified & Residential & Ferry & Living_street & Steps & Cycleway & UnpavedTrack = _S