View Full Version : Skobbler (US) error mapping contact on iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)

26.01.2011, 05:03
I get an error each time I click an address from a contact. Here's the sequence of events:

I installed the application from the App Store.
I created an account in my browser at Skobbler.us.
I started the app on the iPhone, and logged in.
I clicked the Contacts button to map a contact.
I selected a contact from the list.
I clicked one of the addresses for the contact.
I receive the attached error (see image) every time.

Each time I've tried--many times--the address information for each contact has been complete. I don't think it's a matter of the app looking for an address value and not finding it. It seems to be a system error.

iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)
Skobbler settings/info:
--Software: 3.0.2
--Firmware: 4.2.1

Thanks for your help!


08.02.2011, 15:36
As per my email:
Do you synchronize your contacts with Outlook or any other program? If so, this will most likely be the source of the problem (which also some other users experience) because during the synchronization process, the layout of the contact details is somehow invisibly changed so that skobbler cannot recognize them anymore. It would be good if you could test the following:
Add another contact manually and in the same way the other contact details are typed in. If skobbler is able to recognize this manual contact, it must be the synchronization issue.

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