View Full Version : After destination is reached the navigate icon is still visible

11.01.2015, 21:29

after starting a route guidance and reaching destination navigate icon is still visible.
The route guidance is not visible, only the icon.

Should the navigate icon clear itself?

12.01.2015, 09:53
Hi FatihA,

After reaching the destination, the navigation will continue in free drive (that's the reason why the navigation icon is still visible)
If you want to stop the free drive you have to set "configuration.continueFreeDriveAfterNavigationEnd = NO"

Check also the documentation: http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/iosTools/2.3.0/Classes/SKTNavigationConfiguration.html#//api/name/continueFreeDriveAfterNavigationEnd

If the issue is related to something else, please add a screenshot and we will have a look.

13.01.2015, 22:25
Thank you but I think this method is for iOs.
I searched it for Android. Sorry I have not mentioned in my previous post.

14.01.2015, 12:16
On Android if you don't do nothing inside the onDestinationReached callback the navigation will automatically go in free drive and the route will still be visible on the map.

1. If you'd like to clear the route you need to call SKRouteManager.getInstance().clearCurrentRoute()
2. If you'd like to stop entering free drive navigation you need to call SKNavigationManager.getInstance().stopNavigation() ;
3. If you'd like to clear the destination icon - you will need to do that yourself (by removing the destination annotation)

I'm assuming that by "navigate icon" you are refering to the second scenario - please confirm if that is the case.

14.01.2015, 21:01
Yes now it's working.
Before I asking, I have called the function stopNavigation() in a other methog and that did not working.

Now I'am calling stopNavigation in onDestinationReached and that's works fine.
Thank you all for you support.