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Charan Kumar
02.12.2014, 15:44

I successfully integrated skobbler maps in Android. However, getting few crashes during continuous (3-5 times) zoom on map.

Run 1:
A/libc(6555): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x9d199c48 (code=1), thread 6633 (package.name)

Run 2:
A/libc(7018): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x9c36f008 (code=1), thread 7144 (package.name)

Moto G II Gen - XT1068. OS: 4.4.4

No sim, not connected to any wifi/network.

I googled and got few links saying this crash is due to issue in Android itself - if doing any native C/C++ code. But, no native code in this app. Might be skobbler is using native language. Another link said this might be due 9-path images. However, this was for device running below ICS.

Please help me out in this issue.

Charan Kumar

02.12.2014, 16:07
Hello Charan,
Could you send us the whole stack trace? The current log doesn't really help us.

Charan Kumar
02.12.2014, 18:59
Hi dandronic,

I get only one line error log for this crash issue. It happened thrice, first was repeated and for third time I got another crash log.

03.12.2014, 10:21
Hi Charan,
Unfortunately this is not much to go on with - do you encounter the same issues by running the standalone demo project on the same device?
Do you get the same error on other devices/configurations?

Charan Kumar
03.12.2014, 11:14
Hi dandronic,

I checked demo app on the same device, it is not reproducible there!

I have added all the .so files WRT architecture. So what can be the problem?

03.12.2014, 13:14
If we cannot reproduce the issue with the demo project it most likely is an "integration" issue - either we did not integrate the SDK correctly, we're not using it correctly, or there is some kind of interaction between your code & our code that's causing this issue.

Some things to try:
- make sure that we integrated correctly: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/android#sec002
- check for memory usage (under certain circumstances out of memory messages might manifest themselves as "Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" ) - try to start the SDK with a less memory intensive style
- try to replicate it in the demo project - this way you could share the project with us and we could debug it

Let me know if any of the above advices are of help.
Best regards,

30.12.2014, 00:42

I have the same issue, if I want display the map.

E/Adreno-ES11´╣? <qglDrvAPI_glDeleteTextures:371>: GL_INVALID_VALUE
A/libc´╣? Fatal sign 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000004 ...


30.12.2014, 18:04
Now I the app crashed on this error: 12-30 17:00:46.552 8616-9037/com.sefa.ptp.ptp E/Adreno-ES11﹕ <qglDrvAPI_glDeleteTextures:371>: GL_INVALID_VALUE

Can anyone help me?

30.12.2014, 20:08
Hello, I found the solution for me.

I have called the initializeLibrary() function two times, one before calling the function onMapTexturesPrepared and then in this function.
This is 100 reproducible the SIGSEV error.

02.01.2015, 10:52
I'm glad to hear that you've managed to track down the issue and solve it.