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23.11.2014, 00:03

first of all thank you for the grate Software and all the functionalities inside! Every day working with the iOS sdk is a grate experience and pleasure for me :)

My question is: can I generate a random route starting from my current location like this one http://www.mapmyrun.com/maps/auto_route/
Furthermore I would like to set the desired time to drive/run/walk and than generate the random route for this period of time.
Is this possible with skobbler?

Thank you,

25.11.2014, 12:27
Hi Ivaylo,

Thank you very much for your kind words.

To accomplish your scenario you could attempt a solution based on our RealReach™ algorithm and the viaPoints routing feature (but please note that the last one will be available only in the next release, scheduled for mid/end December 2014)

Our RealReach algorithm will give you this kind of information: from point A, show me all the points that are "within 2 hours of running" or "within 2 km of running".
See http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/ios/2.3.0/Classes/SKRealReachSettings.html for a list of all configuration settings.
If we're talking about a circuit (start from A and end back in A) then will have to become more creative – maybe split the route in 2 equal distances and use the realReach algorithm to show the middle of the entire circuit (knowing that those points are half way).
The next step may be to create a route from A to A (define the route profile) with a point identified at the previous step as a viaPoint – this way we'll get our circuit.

Another possibility (to avoid the viaPoints feature) would be to create the route from multiple segments - once you establish the list of waypoints you want to pass through, create routes between the points, take all the points from the routes and save them in the track, then draw the track on the map and start navigating the circuit, one leg (segment) at a time.

Of course you can build up some other filter logic smarter based on the above functions.
Looking forward to your ideas on this threat.