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18.11.2014, 00:00

Thanks for making Scout framework available.

Is there a way to reduce the size of the framework, because right now the size of the bundle is so huge and the user probably won't download an app with >100 Mb.

Thanks and look forward for your answer

18.11.2014, 17:42
Hi Ziad,

To minimizing the size of the project you can do the following:
Benchmark: demo project unpacked 173.883.119 bytes (195,7 MB on disk)

Things that can be removed for iOS:
1. Remove all audio advices but en_us from SKAdvisorResources.bundle (Note: you can host & download the audio files on demand)
2. Remove Outdoorstyle and Grayscale style from SkMaps.bundle (if you're not using these syles)
Demo project unpacked - 115.890.904 bytes (118,5 MB on disk)
3. Remove all other architectures but armv7 (there should be a small performance penalty on arm64, but since you exclude an entire set of architectures the size of the .ipa should be considerable smaller) - this change will be visible in the final .ipa file

Things that can be removed for Android:
On Android you can repeat steps 1 and 2.
Regarding architectures if you have control regarding which Android devices you will be using, you can also remove the unused libraries (we have by default /libs/armeabi/libsngnative.so, /libs/armeabi-v7a/libsnative.so and /libs/x86/libsnative.so)

These are the things that can be done for the moment to decrease the size- but we're still working on this improvement for the next versions

Charan Kumar
21.12.2014, 08:47

I am deleting some files and folders to reduce the final APK size, using skobbler maps only for offline purpose.

1. Deleted outdoorstyle, grayscalestyle and nightstyle folders.
2. Deleted sound_files folder in Maps/Advisor/en directory.

No crash/exception during download of a city/state map for offline use. However, map is crashing with SIGSEGV error when trying to display map.

Added original .zip file, rebuild and checked everything is working fine - no crash. Checked in v2.2 and v2.3 SDK. Please correct me if I am deleting wrong resources/files from assets .zip file.

Charan Kumar

02.01.2015, 10:54
Could you add the complete stack trace for this error?

Is it possible that you also deleted the /Common directory in the SkMaps zip or any files from the /Common directory? This might be the cause for the reported error.

20.11.2015, 04:52
Hi Adela,
Removing some components works by dragging SKMaps to project. But I'm getting alot of errors when submit to store:


Those bugs will gone if I install SKMaps via cocoapods, but that means I cannot reduce the size of SKMaps.

Is there anything we can do to fix those bugs? because the app now is 170MB.


03.12.2015, 15:24
Follow this tutorial (http://ikennd.ac/blog/2015/02/stripping-unwanted-architectures-from-dynamic-libraries-in-xcode/) and remove unsupported architectures of SKMaps before submit to itunes connect.
Also change the value of MinimumOSVersion key in info.plist of SKMaps to 8.0 if you're using the swift version.