View Full Version : iOS: change turn by turn navigaton voice with individual recorded

21.10.2014, 22:07

is there a way to change the turn by turn navigation voice within the api to some other voice or even to some recorded voice by myself?
I would like to create a navigation app with a different audio voice navigation.


22.10.2014, 12:01
Hi Ivaylo,

Custom audio advices is something that can be done in our SDK–see how you can change the audio advices file for our iOS SDK here: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/ios#sec18
You can have a look also at our commercial apps (http://www.skobbler.com/apps), you'll see that we provide voice packages as an in-app purchase option.

22.10.2014, 12:56
Hi Adela,

thanks for the quick reply to my question.
How does a audio file looks like? Is it a .mp3 file. How can I record custom voices for the navigation?


22.10.2014, 15:48
Yes, the audio file is .mp3 format.
You can use a language that already has the grammar and than you can change only the mp3 files by adding your records in the "general.csv" folder.
e.g. in turn_left.mp3 you can record yourself saying "turn left I say"

Let us know if you need further assistance.