View Full Version : iOS : current location shows different location

16.10.2014, 15:49

Please look at my scenario.

1. Have showed my current location.

2. By long tap i've selected some other source and destination locations.

3. Calculated routes and Started navigation.

4. After sometime, i've stopped the navigation and went to Navigate main screen.

5. That screen shows my current location wrongly. It shows the source location i've selected as my current location.

Please suggest me to show the correct current location.


17.10.2014, 16:22
Hi Selvi,

Are you using iOS 8?

17.10.2014, 17:27
Yes. I am using iOS 8.

20.10.2014, 13:53
Hi Selvi,

It seems this is related to an issue which will be fixed in the next version of the SDK (2.3).
We are in the testing phase right now, so the new version is expected to be rolled out these days.

Thank you for your understanding,