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15.10.2014, 17:06
Is it possible to calculate route online?

Shall we get it using following code lines?

route.setRouteMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CAR_SHO RTEST);
route.setRouteMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CONNECT ION_ONLINE);

Please let us know your views

16.10.2014, 11:38

Within our mobile SDK - you can use one of these three modes:
- Online mode -> for each map interaction or route created a connection to the server will be made
- Offline mode -> uses only the information from cache, will create routes only on the already downloaded maps
- hybrid mode -> uses the information saved in cache, but allows connections to the server - for example: for creating a longer route where other tiles needs to be downloaded

Regarding the web routing API we haven't exposed it yet, this will be probably available early next year.

Could you please let us know, which one are you interested in?

16.10.2014, 15:26
Thanks for your time and suggestion.

We would like to go for hybrid which will be best fit. Is it possible to achieve using following code line, or have to use other mechanism?

//This android code
route.setRouteMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CAR_FAS TEST);
route.setRouteMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CONNECT ION_HYBRID);


17.10.2014, 16:43
For Android you have to use the following code:

route.setRouteMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CAR_FAS TEST);
route.setConnectionMode(SKRouteSettings.SKROUTE_CO NNECT ION_HYBRID);

Let us know if you need more help.