View Full Version : SKMapview is not active when selecting a row in UISearchDisplay results tableview

15.09.2014, 13:52

I'm working in SKMaps. I'm searching for locations using UISearchDisplayController. When i select a location in ResultsTableView, the map shown correctly. But i could not drag the map. I set UserInteractionEnabled to true, but it's not working. Please give me suggestions.

15.09.2014, 14:02
To see if I correctly understand: you can display the map but you cannot interact with the map (zoom, pan)?

15.09.2014, 14:04
yes, of course

22.09.2014, 14:48
Could you provide us some sample code (maybe even a demo project) illustrating the issue? - our dev team could not figure what the problem might be based on the current data so more information is required.