View Full Version : How to highlight a soute while tapping anywhere on the route?

12.09.2014, 13:43

i'm working in SKMaps. I'm new to maps. Please give me idea to highlight a route when tapping anywhere on the route.

12.09.2014, 13:55
Hi Selvi,

Unfortunately there is no event handler for click on route. In a future version will be possible to add an event for a click on current position.

But if you want only to highlight a route, that's possible via a GPX track or a polyline (both will also be visible in navigation mode):
-for iOS: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/ios#sec10
-for Android: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/android#sec009

The demo projects contains examples of both GPX track drawing and polylines/polygons: http://developer.skobbler.com/support#download