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12.08.2014, 15:56
I'm in the UK and have the UK map installed in my iPhone 4s. I've also purchased the Europe Maps and have downloaded, Spain, Malta and Greece. How does one get these maps showing on the iPhone to plan journeys before you go on holiday as they do not come up automatically once you arrive at your foreign destination.

13.08.2014, 08:15
I donīt really get what you mean.
You can download new maps in the menu under my maps, bought countrys (translated from german). "View" your installed ones under installed maps (in "my maps" again) or you can see the map by clicking on "map" in the menu.

But i donīt think you meant hat, or?

13.08.2014, 11:00
Maybe he thinks, that the app should do a notification by itself that for routing some maps can be installed for offline usage....

13.08.2014, 15:52
As I said in my post I've downloaded Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. Now the Stobbler sat nav has on the side of the screen 25 icons, the top one is the 'Map' icon and when selected goes on to the Uk map showing your position within the Uk. I have been through the other 24 icons none of these allows you to change the map. Now you go into 'Help' and it tells you these downloaded maps are 'installed in the background' but it does not explain how to call up/change these downloaded maps from one to another.
That is my precise query. When I go in to 'downloaded maps' it only gives me the option of deleting the maps, it does not give me the option to view. By the way I cannot see any icon bearing the name 'My Maps' or indeed 'view' on the selection screen.

13.08.2014, 17:27
I don't know if this isn't obvious, but if you have already downloaded the maps just zoom out and zoom in wherever you want to see the map of the other countries.

13.08.2014, 19:09
Great reply and it works. Thanks
However it also lets me see, say, Perth, Australia for which I have not downloaded the map, so it's my guess that my sat nav will not work using this method when I'm abroad and that I'm still looking for a definitive answer to my original question.

13.08.2014, 20:42
You can zoom in to any place and, if you have internet connection, it will download the map for that specific area that you zoomed in.
To check if you have actually downloaded the map for the country you need, simply disconnect your wifi and your cellular data and try.

13.08.2014, 20:57
I'm going to Corfu in October, so will try out your suggestion on arrival.
Tell me why all this nonsense from Skobbler about downloading maps and the maps being in the background when it's as easy as zooming in?
Thanks for you're help, it's much appreciated.

14.08.2014, 07:56
You can only zoom in with an active data connection. It downloads the maps on the fly than. When you have no internet connection you will not see any detail, just pixel. Because of that - normally you have no internet in a different country- you are able to downlaod them (than you can zoom in ans see everything, because it was downloaded before).

Downlaoding a map with simply zooming in would be very time-consuming.

14.08.2014, 16:53
Thanks Guys.
I'm beginning to get the drift of using these maps.
Will let you's know how it works out in October once I get back to the UK.