View Full Version : Android: way too many threads created when using ART

21.07.2014, 19:34
When I run the Demo (version 2.1.0) it creates many, many threads
when using ART (Android >= 4.4).

The logcat command reports the following for each thread created:

W/art (15192): Thread[16,tid=15218,Native,Thread*=0x54c89e10,peer=0x64ee aa30,"Thread-8554"] attached without supplying a name

What's the cause of this. In my application, it seems to loop forever.

22.07.2014, 11:05
These new issues were forwarded to the development team.
We will get back to you with an update as soon as we discover the problem.

Thank you for your understanding.

02.08.2014, 12:49
A couple of observations:

* In offline mode, it seems to loop for ever.
* With PreinstalledMaps in place, it works fine.

04.08.2014, 12:54
However, ART compatibility is very important since with the introduction of Android "L" this autumn there will be no fall-back solution for devices running Android "L". That's why I switched back to Dalvik VW because too many bugs with different apps :)