View Full Version : Walking navigation?

07.07.2014, 19:58
I'm a new user and look forward to using your downloadable offline maps while on upcoming travels. Thanks for a great looking app! I do have a question though:

I see that I can get pedestrian routes between destinations, and I can get it to "follow me" while walking in the Show Route view, but it seems that once I click on the button to navigate or "Take Me There" to use the step-by-step feature, the directions are for driving only. (At least from what I can tell by looking at the estimated travel time.)

Am I missing something, or is the walking/pedestrian information only available via the "Show Route" view?

08.07.2014, 08:57
You are right. A navigation maode for pedestrians is not available.

12.07.2014, 02:10
Any news to add it?