View Full Version : Android: How to create a heatmap?

26.06.2014, 23:05
I would like to create a heap map of how many times a particular road is used.
I have GPS data points and would like to show a heatmap clustering of this data.
I'm not clear what API I should use.

27.06.2014, 13:02
In the next SDK update we will include a heatmap example in the demo project.

For the time being the heatmap only works with OSM map POIs (poi data already present in the map) - so unfortunately you won't be able to create a heatmap out of your custom GPS data points. Neither "roads" don't qualify as POIs.

The API you are looking for is: SKMapSurfaceView.showHeatMapsWithPoiType -> e.g. mapView.showHeatMapsWithPoiType(heatMapCategories) (see the reference documentation (http://developer.skobbler.com/docs/android/index.html)for details)

04.10.2014, 09:26

I want to create multiple annotations in my app. So there is a for loop and I want multiple Annoations while the loop is running.

06.10.2014, 10:40

It's possible to add multiple annotations. Look over "how to" section: http://developer.skobbler.com/getting-started/android#sec002
Do you have some problems integrating this? Can you please share more details about the issue (if there is one)?