View Full Version : Android SDK: use APK expansion file instead of SKMaps.zip

19.06.2014, 19:22
The SKMaps.zip can get quite large if prebundling maps. This runs the risk of going over the 50MB APK limit.

Instead of hardcoding SKMaps.zip, please provide an option to find the resource data:
{ext storage}/Android/obb/{packagename}/main.{version}.{packagename}.obb

24.06.2014, 16:28
This will be considered as an improvement for a future release.

Right now, please consider the scenario where you download the map you are interested in "on the first app run"

18.04.2015, 15:59
Is it possible to avoid `new SKPrepareMapTextureThread(this, mapResourcesDirPath, "SKMaps.zip", this).start();` and implement a method which copies SKMaps.zip from obb file to mapResourcesDirPath folder ?


08.05.2015, 16:57
Sorry for the delayed reply ultimo_m- we'll check this and get back to you with an answer.

26.05.2015, 08:41
We are investigating how we can improve this.
We are aiming that for the 3.0 SDK version (scheduled this fall) to include the unzipping in the initialise part of the SDK, so that the developer just calls initializeSKMapsWithSettings and it is notified when the SDK was initialised.