View Full Version : POI tracker using the REAL GPS position instead of MATCHED road segment position

17.06.2014, 03:56

I downloaded the demo app for iOS and was trying to implement my own app to detect custom POIs. I've already loaded my app with a bunch of POIs and created the proper annotations for each.

After my app starts into navigation mode, it only detects the POIs that are exactly on the road segment that I'm driving on. It misses the ones just beside it (supposed to be on this same road segment).

Looking into the header files, I learned that the real GPS position and the current matched position on the road segment are available. It seems that the POI tracker uses the real GPS position only to look for nearby POIs, not the one matched on the road segment.

Is there any way to instruct the POI tracker to also use the POI's "matched position"? So, it'll be able to detect those which the coordinates don't exactly match a road segment.

19.06.2014, 08:32
Yes there is: the heading of the SKTrackablePOI objects should be set to -1 (trackablePOI.heading = -1).
In the next Public SDK release it will be set by default to -1