View Full Version : Restore Purchases Error

05.06.2014, 13:35

I originally downloaded the app from the play store about 6 months ago and purchased the World map package, I uninstalled it after returning from a trip away. I have since brought a new phone and reinstalled the application as I am due to go on holiday but when I press the 'Restore purchases' buttons it returns the error "No response from Google Play - restore incomplete". I also tried installing this on two other devices, a tablet and another phone and got the same result in each case. I've tried searching but have failed to find any pertinent answers. My account is logged into play correctly and am not having trouble with any other applications in this regard.

The device I am currently using is a Google Nexus 5, running stock android 4.4.2. I have the latest version of the app installed from Google Play.

Does anyone know a possible cause for this? Any help would be appreciated.


13.11.2014, 09:34
I have a similar problem. Installed the app on my second device and the previously bought maps are not available. The favorites are sync'd, however.

14.11.2014, 09:57
Do you use the same play account with the same mailadress?

14.11.2014, 13:10
Yes, I have used the same play account. It seems this app is dead and I wasted money on it. Even their support does not respond anymore.