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23.05.2014, 17:26

First of all, i would like to congratulates the Skobbler team for the service they are producing.
I have discovered this company a few days ago, and I'm quite amazed.

I am looking more deeply in the Android SDK and I have a question about route calculation.
Is it possible to do route calculation using via points ? If not, is this feature plan in the road map ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

23.05.2014, 17:41
Hello - we're glad we got off on the right foot :)

Right now routes with viaPoints is not supported in the developer platform - but the feature is "in-the-works". More users have requested this feature lately so we might move it up in the roadmap.
Please allow until next week for a more specific ETA as we have we have a up-coming discussion about the short term roadmap and think might change then.