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22.05.2014, 17:46
I experienced a strange behaviour with the routing modes. I think they are not working as they should be.

1. You can change the routing style to fastest, shortest or efficient when you are calculating a route the app just calculates "something". You can change the style, the app will always calculate the same route.

2. In generell the different modes are strange. I tried "navigate" with mit hotel for the holidays with each navigating mode and there are some things which simply can not be. For example one Route in "efficient mode" is shorter than the shortest one of the "short mode", or the fastest one of the "shortest mode" is faster than the fastes one of the "fast mode". In generell i suggest making different colors for the different route modes and than always get the efficient, the shortest and the fastest one when you want to navigate. Than you can easily decide whether you have time and want to use the efficient one or you want to get there fast and use the fastest one. Because now i donīt really trust or better know what kind of route the app is showing me (look at the examples above).


When you want to test it by yourself: I calculated a route from 52223 Stolberg to Schenna in italy.

Edit: Am i the only one with a strange behaviour for the routing modes?

mad farquhar
06.07.2014, 10:54
I am getting the same issue but in Scotland. The routes for car don't take the main arterial route - the A9 road from Inverness to anywhere south of Kingussie. If I select route from Inverness to Edinburgh routing goes down the west side of Scotland. If I pick Inverness to Aviemore - a shorter vector then it does use the A9. This looks like a OS map issue - as if there was a break in the continuity of the road - just a gut feel. Choice of shortest, fastest or whatever has no effect on the outcome.

01.06.2015, 17:07
Very good and*informative*exchange*..*Thank you!