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06.05.2014, 09:07
I've got the latest Beta from GPS NAV&MAPA for Android and found some major bugs, but I have no place to bring you the feedback. Can someone tell me where the Bugreports for betatesters is?

06.05.2014, 09:16
In the app itself you have a feedback and bugs section, but where did you get the beta from? Which VErsion is it, what can we exspect to see?

06.05.2014, 09:22
I've been Beta tester in the previous version already. This version came up on PlayStore it selve.

The same day I've got the following mail:

Deaktivieren für: Englisch
Hi all,

We just released beta no.6 , and it should already be available for download.

We have some new features since our last update, that we'd like to share with you:

native UI elements
synchronize recents, home & work with your skobbler account
new version of maps
cleaner app settings

As always, we're looking forward to your feedback on the forum. You can post under beta no.5 threads, and on Monday morning we'll have a new version (no. 6) setup so you can share your suggestions or bugs there.

Thanks again for your input and we hope you'll have an amazing weekend!

All the best,
Your skobbler team

The quoted Link said I have no permission:


ipool, Du hast keine Rechte, um auf diese Seite zuzugreifen. Folgende Gründe könnten z.B. dafür verantwortlich sein:

Du versuchst, den Beitrag eines anderen Benutzers zu ändern oder auf administrative Funktionen zuzugreifen. Überprüfe bitte in den Forenregeln, ob du diese Aktion ausführen darfst.
Wenn du versucht hast, einen Beitrag zu schreiben, kann es sein, dass dein Benutzerkonto deaktiviert wurde oder noch aktiviert werden muss.

06.05.2014, 09:33
Yes FINALLY, new maps. Sadly there are no links in your comment, i can not try to open it and see whether it is a general permsission problem.

But i did not see any thread named like what skobbler told you.

06.05.2014, 09:34
The mentioned Link is:

06.05.2014, 09:40
Same for me, not enough permissions..

06.05.2014, 11:49
Hi ipool,

I'm beta tester, too and I have access to this forum. Are you a member of the google group?

06.05.2014, 12:37
Hi ipool,

I'm beta tester, too and I have access to this forum. Are you a member of the google group?

Yes. I think I've got the mail from there. What can I do now?

06.05.2014, 15:36
ipool, as you read into the other thread, you already have access to the beta forum.

06.05.2014, 18:13
where did you get the beta from? Which VErsion is it, what can we exspect to see?

The Beta App is only available for the beta testers. Last autumn there was a blogpost about it. We are not allowed to distribute this Beta.

What you can expect? Some really cool features! (really!)

Same for me, not enough permissions..
Yes, because your are not a beta tester. Just be patient :)

06.05.2014, 21:42
I am a beta tester now ;-)or at least i think so :-D i joined the Google group today and got accepted. What are the next steps to get the beta and help development?

06.05.2014, 22:20
Check your Play Store for an update. If yes, you are running latest beta. For testing: Use the app as often you can. Play with it, use it... And give feedback for bugs for the internal forum. Do you have access?

07.05.2014, 07:15
No i don´t have acces to the Forum and i also do not see any update of the app. I think they just accepted me in the group but didn´t gave me the specific rights yet to get the beta and acces the forum.


Ok now i have access to the forum, but i didn´t get an update yet. I will just wait and see, they can not do everything at the same time ;-)