View Full Version : iOS SDK Offline Search problem (UA - Kiev)

29.04.2014, 10:34

First of all I want to thank for such great API. As far as I know - it is the first one in its area.

I am inserting skobbler API into iOS app. Currently I am working on Offline Search. I faced with an issue regarding of lack the city of Kiev in results.
I.e. I have downloaded sample app, UA map and Kiev map. Then I tried to modify Offline Search part with searchTerm = @"Kiev" (or "Киев"). Both cases failed to find Kiev.

part of code:

SKMultiStepSearchSettings *multiStepSearchObject = [SKMultiStepSearchSettings multiStepSearchSettings];
multiStepSearchObject.listLevel = SKCityList;
multiStepSearchObject.offlinePackageCode = mapPackage.name;
multiStepSearchObject.searchTerm = @"Kiev"; //@"Киев";
multiStepSearchObject.parentIndex = -1;

I must admit that there is no such problem with any other city on the UA map.

Could you please check if it something wrong here with API or UA map, or maybe I am doing something wrong?

29.04.2014, 12:42

On the version of the maps included in the April's SDK a problem was discovered regarding map data: some cities are missing (now that you mention, Kiev has been added to that list).
The issue will be fixed with the new map & SDK update (due 19'th of May).

Hopefully you will be able to still build your app and once you'll update Kiev will also be present.

29.04.2014, 12:49
Thanks! Sure, I am able to continue work on app. I will wait for the next version of the SDK and check if Kiev's case is fixed.

21.05.2014, 21:06
Hello, I've updated SDK & map, but issue with finding Kiev via offline search still present... Also I noticed such issue in official iOS app.