View Full Version : Primary route profile

19.03.2014, 18:25
This feature should be more readily accessible - there are several taps before you can change your preference to either short or fast route calculation: go to settings, scroll down to Navigation, then tap on Primary route profile and choose your pref, then go back to Favorites and calculate route. Please explain efficient route, the last option.

Worse of all, is when I forget about this feature and I get frustrated that OsmAnd and Google have a shorter route, coz months ago, I had chosen fast route for primary route profile :(

Primary route profile could be added to Navigation settings, the shortcut menu that includes 3D/2D, sound on/off, overview etc. so that when you realize it's not the route you want, you do not have to leave navigation.

I trust the developers to make it more visible and accessible, and maybe others could offer suggestions how to make this possible.

Thanks and good luck.