View Full Version : Download map to PC for offline usage

30.01.2014, 17:11
I am one of the thousand Cuba maps developers; I just discovered your app and after installing it in my cell phone I realize that I must go online to download Cuba map. Unfortunately, we are still not able to use internet in our mobile phones; so there is no way for me to download Cuba map or anything else. The question is: would you please be so kind so as to provide me with a link to download Cuba map to my PC and then transfer it to my cell phone? I would really appreciate any help on this.
Thanks before hand.
Carlos Alberto

27.08.2014, 09:48
Bumping this back up. I too need help on moving the data to an external card. My Vizio VTab only has 2GB internal and is insufficient to hold the data.

01.09.2014, 15:04
Moving the Data to the external card is possible in the app. You can select where the maps should be installed.

Downloading the maps on the pc is not possible.