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16.12.2013, 10:45
I am using skobbler Navi on an iPad 3 with iOS7, and it all runs fine, even after the update. Yesterday I installed the new (with a nice user interface, well done!) version on another iPad 2 running iOS6, and the program refuses to download offline maps.

The iPad is registered under the same apple ID. When I choose "upgrades" in Navi, I get a "waiting" screen which does not go away, even if I wait for an hour. In "My Downloads / My Maps" nothing appears, even though I purchased "the world" and loaded that on my other iPad.

In effect, I cannot use Navi offline on my iPad2. Any suggestions?

16.12.2013, 19:23

If you use the Apple-ID of your initial purchase, you can reinstall the purchased maps for free. You can find the Apple-ID under the settings of your iPhone > "Store". Insert here the Apple-ID with which you purchased the maps.

Please check the following Settings in your device: Settings > General > Restrictions > Please allow here “In-App Purchase” by turning it “on”.

Then, start the app > main menu > Upgrades > use the function "Restore purchases".

Afterwards, the maps should be available again for download: Main menu > my downloads > my maps > cities/countries.

If the problem with the "waiting screen" still occurs, please reboot your device.

Did it work?

Best regards,

16.12.2013, 19:44
It was the in-app purchases that were disabled. Sorry for this stupid mistake, and thank you for the swift problem solving!