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07.01.2011, 11:22
Hi! Just thought I'd offer some feedback (yes, I'm yet another OSM mapper with a shiny new Christmas Android :) )

First of all: the render is beautiful. Very nicely done, and the prettiest (and most useful) OSM nav I've seen. Great work.

Now onto the bugs... ;)

Street labels on crossing streets: Say you're going down A-street, and there is a crossroads with B-street to the left and C-street to the right. The label for B or C street will sometimes overlay both B and C streets, which is incorrect.

Small roundabouts are treated as junctions. Both mini roundabouts (node junction=mini_roundabout) and small roundabouts get treated this way. Is that deliberate?

The main interface buttons. Sorry, but white text on pale grey field is absolutely useless. Can't see a damn thing without getting really close. Higher contrast, please! (That grey's a real edge-blurrer, so I would try casing any text in a fine black line)

A couple of suggestions for enhancements, too:

The top box in the navigation window: this could be clearer, is it "next road name" or "current road name" or... what?

The green land areas are excellent for orientation. I'd like to see landuse=industrial and some of the amenity= areas (eg, hospital, school, college) as they're also great for feeling where you are on the map.

Overall - great stuff. :D

14.01.2011, 12:07
Thanks for your detailed feedback. I forwarded your points to our developers so that they can put it on their list of improvements and consider them for implementation in the next update. :-)

Best regards,