View Full Version : Download Skobbler Germany in the Netherlands

21.12.2010, 16:11
I live in the Netherlands close to the German border. Unfortunately, Skobbler is not available in the Netherlands yet, so I cannot download it from the Market. Is there any other way of getting the program. I'm driving a lot through Germany, but I don't want to download it there because of the roaming costs (I even don't know if the you get a German Market if you cross the border...).

23.12.2010, 10:49
Unfortunetaly, you will always have to pay roaming costs if you use skobbler Navigation in Germany with your Dutch mobile phone. It does not depend on where you buy and download our app but on where you use your mobile phone.

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06.02.2011, 19:44
Hallo Even een vraagje.
Krijg jij de nederlandse taal op skobbler.
Ik krijg alleen de engelse taal.