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07.10.2013, 18:36

I have bought your product Gps and Sat nav with offline maps from google play store, though since then offline maps not good at all as it does have only few places covered in ireland.

It is ok as i have data connection, so online maps should be fine for me, and it seems working in average good till yesterday, though today when i tried to use it with online maps, i got an error message saying like:-

The server is currently not available. Please wait and retry later or use offline search.

Like i said previously, as your offline not at all good, very limited places with offline maps i must have to have online maps in working, but this one also now seems not available, what should i do?

14.10.2013, 22:56
I got problem in Romania, Eastern Europe, the offline map is more than 9 months old. Online map not available , but I don't get your message. No message appear, no online map. I don't understant the maxim cache limit, because online map not available or something like that. For the last 4 days, online map didn't worked. I was able to see only the data from the offline map that it was downloaded.

26.01.2015, 12:05
With the latest app update, installation on SD cards is available. The app should ask you automatically where you want to store your maps (internal or external memory). Did you already reinstall the program?