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24.09.2013, 22:18
I like the free navigation feature and I've noticed the crashes have stopped so far..

I downloaded the map of Brazil and don't see a category for gas station which is really important for me. What I suggest is to enable users to help with that, by entering their own regional gas station addresses or whatever other category they choose.

The voice guidance has worked well but I wish the voice guidance could be set apart from the software language - for example, hubby drives (French preferred) while I operate the GPS app (English preferred).

What I'm most excited about is the alternate route feature, but have not figured out how it works yet - maybe it needs GPS localization? I'm inside the house and the route is shown but I don't see where to switch to a different one - do I need to have gps synched?
Please help.

Thanks for reading.


25.09.2013, 08:04
Posting here the answer to my own question and it might help someone..

The alternate routing feature is only available once gps is synched and navigation countdown starts, then I was shown three routing options - two of them were identical, so it needs some improvement.

I would like to separate my favorites in Brazil from favs in Canada, but there's no way of doing that. Canadian and Brazilian addresses are all mixed together.

Would be nice to let users organize their addresses in folders and maybe even subfolders.