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22.09.2013, 10:59
help...i bought the full version and downloaded all the maps...and now i've had to reinstall my os, the app can see the free US map, but not all my other maps. in this case, it's really less about the money than it is about needing to re-download all those maps when i know it's just a user stupidity (mine) issue.

can you please help?

thank you so much.

30.09.2013, 09:00
Hi surfchyck,

You should be able to download again all your maps, if you go in 'My maps' menu and then press the yellow 'Restore purchases' button.
Please let us know if this solves the issue for you.

Best regards,

20.12.2014, 08:15
I got problem in Romania, Eastern Europe, the offline map is more than 9 months old. Online map not available , but I don't get your message. No message appear, no online map. I don't understant the maxim cache limit, because online map not available or something like that. For the last 4 days, online map didn't worked. I was able to see only the data from the offline map that it was downloaded.

07.01.2015, 09:53
Hi there,

I'm not sure I understand what the problem is: are you trying to use the online map and it's not accessible? of the offline map?


17.02.2016, 09:48
When you install Office 2016 as part of your Office 365 subscription, you’ll see this warning if the computer has specific versions of Visio 2013 InfoPath 2013, SharePoint Designer 2013 or Project 2013 installed.The installation process has to uninstall the programs listed in the warning, and you won’t be able to install the programs again on the same computer. You can install these programs on a different computer.

25.02.2016, 12:30
I upgraded on two different devices and my internet drivers stopped working. One of them I was able to take window's 10 off and everything went back to the way it was. The other one I had to scrap.

22.06.2016, 21:44
Hellow. i got the same promblem surfchyck and i go to my maps and theres no yellow 'restore purchases' button. I was purchases last summer europe maps? why is that? i need to pay again money to get a maps? or is a bug?