View Full Version : how to get skobbler in ireland?

05.12.2010, 18:19
I have for a few days an android phone and cannot find skobbler in the market.
How can I install skobbler on my phone?
Thanks in advance

05.12.2010, 21:50
It's not released yet;)
There will probably a release the next days, I guess.
I'm eager for the android app as well...

14.12.2010, 17:13
Unfortunately till today no skobbler in Ireland

I do not understand, why they restrict the app here. Or am I expected to drive over to the north and download it there, ridiculous!

So it is more likely an Irish statement "a few more days"

16.12.2010, 10:37
We do not restrict the app in Ireland, we didn't release it. If you release an app for a certrain market (no matter which one), you cannot just put in some new maps and that's it. Extensive testing needs to be done before as well as adaptions to the specifics of the country in question, etc. Otherwise, the Irish users would soon get back to us with loads of negative comments and feedbacks. And since this is obviously not what we want (to release an app which is not applicable in real life), it takes its time to release our skobbler Navigation.

However, if you mean our ForeverMap Europe (you posted your comment in ForeverMap but wrote "skobbler", so I am not quite sure), it is not yet released for Google Android at all, not just for Ireland. If everything runs smoothly, it will hopefully be released within the next couple of months.

Best regards,

16.12.2010, 21:50
sorry I thought you use the open street map, and this one exists for ireland.

16.12.2010, 23:46
goar, are you talking about "Skobbler navigation (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Skobbler)" or do you mean "ForeverMap Europe (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ForeverMap)" by skobbler? You posted this at the ForeverMap sub-forum, but you're talking about skobbler.

ForeverMap Europe hasn't been released for Android so far. Skobbler Navigation isn't avaible in every european country, as Christin already pointed out.

Skobbler Navigation and ForeverMap are both using OpenStreetMap-Data, that's right.

21.12.2010, 13:45
good news regarding skobbler Navigation in Ireland: Please check out the Android Market, it should be there now. :-)

All the best,