View Full Version : Address search in offline mode unreiable

16.09.2013, 00:36

We are looking at using your application for field workers however when offline the app doesn't find addresses correctly. The app finds addresses if itís a major rd or in the city, but a lot of other roads can't be found. As our users don't have access to an internet connection we need them to be able to find addresses quickly and easily from the devices saved maps.

We're in Queensland Australia and tested with these addresses:

Address-found online-found offline
Yurol Forest rd Sunshine Coast - yes - no
Christensens rd Ipswich - yes - no
Tyalla ct Gold Coast - yes - no
Loganlea rd Logan - yes - no
Ann st Brisbane - yes - yes
South St toowoomba - yes - yes
Darling st toowoomba - yes - no

Is there any way we can improve the searching further?