View Full Version : Future Feature - Salted Roads?

04.12.2010, 15:15
As with many Euro countries, the snow has come early to the UK this year and whilst travelling with a sat nav I'll often get told to "TURN LEFT" down a steep ungritted hill side road even though the main route is only a mile longer but much safer to drive in these conditions.

UK Authorities have published road gritting and salting routes, the one for Kent can be seen below:

I'm sure these authorities would be happy to provide these data files in an easy format which could be queried at this time of year.

This way, I could have an option for navigation preferences to use Winter Roads / Salted Routes which would avoid untreated roads wherever possible even though this would add time to the journey.

No other navigation solution offers this and, subject to being able to source the data files easily enough, I don't imagine it would be too difficult to implement - and it really could be a lifesaver in inclement conditions being of benefit not only to me but also the emergency services!

10.12.2010, 12:29
Thanks for posting the link! This is a very interesting feature eventhough implementing it is not as easy. I forwarded it to our Development Department and they'll check if they can use it in a future update.

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