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02.12.2010, 01:38
Hello, it is documented in the manual that I should be able to read the entire route overview. When manually zooming in the map - sidebar menu will be displayed.
One of the buttons should show the entire route. The sidebar menu is not coming up on my iPhone. I am using ver 3.0 on iOS 4.2.
Please help.
Thank you

07.12.2010, 21:24
Could I request that the route overview be a future feature as it would be really handy. Especially since skobbler has noted difficulties calculating some routes. Having an overview will allow the user to confirm that the route skobbler calculates is indeed the best route.

06.01.2011, 05:14
I would agree that a one-button route overview (either graphic or text description) would be great. On large routes, I've never successfully zoomed out to the whole route so I don't trust it. On shorter routes, it's great.

06.01.2011, 14:40
I refer to my following answer: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php?528-route-overview&highlight=route+overview

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