View Full Version : Free Drive - actual speed

06.09.2013, 11:51
Installed the latest version of GPS Nav& Maps for Android, and like the Free drive feature a lot :cool:
Please make the lettertype for the actual speed much larger, and remove the km/h indication.
You should be able to see the actual speed in a blink.

12.09.2013, 14:42
Thank you for the feedback. I will forward your suggestion to the team. :)

Greetings, Alexandra

16.09.2013, 11:14
Also: the update accuracy is sucking ! The averaging speed calculation takes a way too big time window.

25.01.2014, 23:43
Could be nice to have actual speed when using the navigation too. It only works in free drive. Plz get the ACTUAL SPEED feature in the navigation too... not just the free drive.