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29.11.2010, 07:20
It would be really helpful to have address automatically apear in Skobbler when tap in the text message. Using google maps on PC it is really easy to send location to address your phone via sms msg. Reading this message on phone would be nice to transfer it to Skobbler.

01.12.2010, 14:22
Thanks for your suggestion, it is really a good idea! However, the implemention of such a feature is not as easy as it might seem which is why we won't be able to develop this in the near future.

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28.12.2010, 01:09
How about speed and compass direction heading on the display while you're being routed? It would fit above the distance to destination info.

06.01.2011, 13:05
[You mean our skobbler Navigation, I assume. However, this is the ForeverMap section of the forum.]
Nice suggestion, though. I'm sure our Developers have it already on their list for one of the next updates but I forwarded it anyway.

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