View Full Version : Alternative routes ignore 'Avoid Highways' setting

03.09.2013, 12:05
I've set 'Avoid Highways' in the Navigation settings and the suggested route obeys this, but the two alternatives both use the highway whereas I want alternative non-highway routes.


ps Same applies for the 'Avoid Toll Roads' setting. Example: Heidelberg to Paris. First route across country, alternatives via highways/toll roads.

12.09.2013, 14:39
Thank you for the feedback. There are indeed some issues regarding the "Avoid Highways" setting at the moment. Our team is already looking into it.

Greetings, Alexandra

10.05.2015, 21:26
Today I had the problem that the first route option wanted me to use the highway, even though highways are set to be ignored. Example: Bretten to Heidelberg.

11.05.2015, 13:05
Hi Alan, just tested with my own device, navigation from stuttgart to heidelberg is done without any highway.
And route from Bretten to Heidelberg does avoid highways, too.

Please try to update app (if not newest), to restart phone, and last to reinstall app as described in my signature.

11.05.2015, 13:47
Hi makiHD,

thanks for your reply. I followed the reinstallation instructions according to the link in your signature. I'm now in Heidelberg and setting Mannheim in Navigation as the endpoint gives the first option along the Autobahn 656.


I just updated the version info on my avatar to Android 5.1


Update: Today all 3 options included the Autobahn :confused:

14.05.2015, 16:06
Alan, sorry for the late reply. Can you please uncheck "Avoid toll roads" and check again if at least one route without using the A656 is offered?

And if not, please check with routing algorithm "fast route" - does this change something?

I see there is today a block on the A656 - did you purchase the traffic premium package?

18.05.2015, 15:41
Yes I have the traffic package.
There was indeed a partial closure of the A656 but this was not part of the Scout traffic info until 2 days later! I could confirm this with the Infrix.app on my phone and also on an iPad as it showed the A656 as green in both directions. Google Maps was up-to-date at all times. Wrong info is worse than no info, so I'm not happy about the quality of the Inrix traffic data but that's another thread...

Only the closed section was avoided by the Navigator, after this the suggested route went back onto the Autobahn .

Here are some screenshots taken after the Autobahn was reopened (Inrix/Scout updated this status quickly):

'Route' avoids the Autobahn in Fast mode but not in Short mode.

I can't upload the 'Short' graphic as the forum software says there are already 5 images in this message...