View Full Version : App does not mute/lower music volume

28.08.2013, 10:30
I've been using the GPS Nav and Maps app on my HTC One with Android 4.2.2. It works OK but a big problem for me is that it doesn't seem to acquire audio focus when giving voice instructions. This means that the music continues to play at full volume, so I cannot hear the instructions which are relatively quiet. This occurs whichever music player I am using (Music, Spotify)

Other nav apps such as Google Maps seem to do this correctly, but not the Skobbler app.

Unfortunately the HTC One on 4.2.2 also has a buggy bluetooth implementation which means that the A2DP connection drops out if no audio is playing and does not automatically reconnect when audio starts again, which means I have to keep music playing while driving. So whatever I do, I can't hear the voice instructions.

Apparently the correct way to implement the behaviour is to acquire "audio focus" during voice instrucitons. There is a very clear explanation of how to acquire and release audio focus here:


Can you confirm whether this has been implemented in the Skobbler app? If not, please would you consider this ASAP as it's a significant problem and would only require a few lines of code. If it has been implemented, any ideas why it might not be working on my phone?


05.09.2013, 11:02
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you already install our updated version which was released 2 days ago? If so, could you provide feedback if it works ok for you now?


08.09.2013, 00:44
Hi Christin, yes I've tried it out today and it works perfectly now, thanks!