View Full Version : Feature request: GPS position keeps present zoom / favorites icon

20.08.2013, 08:09
When pressing "GPS position", the map zooms to position at street level.
I prefer it would keep the present zoom. It would save a lot of zooming-out all the time.

Also I would like to see the option to choose the "favorites" icon. Primarily to make it more visable.

Other than that, the app is fantastic.:D

22.08.2013, 13:05
Thanks for your input, I'll let the team know!


11.02.2015, 08:21

First, I purchased both the application and the world maps... so, I'm a paid user.

I've spent several days (literally!) to put all the available maps on my Samsung Tab 2 7.0 (16GB) without any success.

First, 8GB or 16GB microSD card capacities were not enough (a while back I was able to fit the maps on 8GB)

Eventually, I got a 32GB card and started downloading. I want to get *all* maps. Here is the summary of my failed attempts:

1. There is a synchronization problem with the app, because quite frequently, if I select a map (the down arrow), it stuck there until the previous task is complete. sometimes, I could select many maps (down arrow turns to parallel bars) without any problem.

11.02.2015, 10:29
Hi Atttifraza and welcome.

First, this is the iOS section.

For installing the maps onto your SD-Card, you're asked the first time when you launch the app which storage path you want the maps to be stored.
Choose then your SD Card.

So far I remember, you can change the storage path into settings.

You can download all maps once via menu -> upgrades -> map downloads -> purchase world -> download all.

(I tested this with Europa package as I only have purchased the EU).