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19.08.2013, 01:39
I recently downloaded this app. I want to use the offline map function and downloaded three cities in another country that I will be visiting shortly. The problem is I can't see how to access the maps. Can anyone give me step by step instructions. Thanks in advance

22.08.2013, 13:09
Hi, please start the app > Address search > click on the country flag in the right upper corner. In the next step, you can select one of your installed offline maps for usage. :)


02.12.2014, 11:30
Bumping this back up. I too need help on moving the data to an external card. My Vizio VTab only has 2GB internal and is insufficient to hold the data.

02.12.2014, 18:43
Hi Lisa, you can select the destination path in the settings, there choose "SD Card".
Maybe you have to delete downloaded map, then switch to the internal SD Card, then download the map again directly to the SD Card.