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11.07.2013, 00:04

Firstly thanks very much for this great app.

I have a small query - I have the app language set to English (British) but adresses are displayed as street name then number (e.g. Random Street 17) whereas the correct format is number then street name (e.g. 17 Random Street). I assume putting the number after the street is the German convention. Is there any way I can change this, or if not could it be fixed in a future update? I know this is only minor, but it just looks (and is) wrong :)


Edit: Oops, sorry I've managed to put this in the wrong forum, it should be in the Android section.

17.07.2013, 09:39
Hi, I will let the team know that there is demand. It's the German way to put addresses in, indeed.


17.07.2013, 20:58
Thanks very much. As I say it is only minor, but just looks odd :)

For completeness, the town and postcode is also the wrong way round - it should be e.g. Sometown HP1 6RJ and not HP1 6RJ Sometown

23.07.2013, 09:44
Thanks! :)

09.12.2013, 05:56
I also agree with this request. I realize that it may be a bit complicated to support every possible address format used anywhere in the world. But in view of addresses being truncated on certain pages, the ability to put the street number first so it can be seen even if the rest of the address is truncated would be extremely useful.