View Full Version : Updates - this feature could do with some TLC

25.06.2013, 18:26
Hi there,

Soooo - map updating is done when done - yea - not exactly what I was looking for, but more in terms of "a map a month, but we cant say which map -- task is daunting". Cool enough - maybe you throw the info on twitter so we knwow what to look for.

BUT - the updating itself could use some TLC. It's a bit confusing. Let me show you:

From my iPad: Yey - something new is available:

Let's click on it and discover what amazing stuff is awaiting us:


o - OK - another "This is New" button - just like windows - click - click and keep clicking - On we go:


YES - its a map update. Kewl - lets get it:


Errrrrr - What?

Where did the update go?
Of course the news advertisement counter still says 1 but WHERE DID IT GO ????


Karsten Jeppesen