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11.11.2010, 21:19
Just installed ForeverMap.
I am a bit surprised, why maps look so different?
Please, find examples of the same area in Riga, Latvia (bridge across river Daugava)
One example is from iPhone, another - from Web site (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=56.7433&lon=24.1848&zoom=13)

Why maps are so different?
Why I'm not possible to zoom out - all roads dissapear?
Why it is not possible to search with original unicode letters?

Thanks in advance for your great efforts.

skobbler team
15.11.2010, 15:25
Hi Ansis,

The maps on the ForeverMap differ from the Openstreetmap because are pre-rendered (offline) and optimized for mobile use (lower storage footprint).
Currently there are three zoom levels available, and this is why some details are not available at certain zoom levels.
Future app versions will certainly improve, stay tuned!

If a search is working fine on the OpenStreetMap website, it should work in ForeverMap too.
Please give us some search examples using unicode letters that do not return expected results.

Best regards,
the skobbler team