View Full Version : Improvement: Other map providers and caching.

16.05.2013, 14:25
There are dozens openstreetmap based crap app for iOS. ForeverMap the only one normally working app among about 10 apps I tried and i'm happy i found it. There is cool android openstreetmap based app for navigation and maps - OsmAnd. Will be great to add a awesome feature in ForeverMap which OsmAnd has. Other map providers. OsmAnd allow to change map view to google maps, bing maps, wikimapia and others. Even allow to cache these maps! No other iOS app has anything like this.

P.S. Developers, did you know that is almost impossible to find out your ForeverMap 2 in itunes? It is not shows in search by word "maps" or "open street". Even search by whole name "ForeverMap 2" give 0 results! My way for downloading was: search by "skrobbler" -> gps navigation 2 -> skrobbler other apps -> ForeverMap 2. My iTunes is Russian.

24.05.2013, 13:30
Hi, thanks for your feedback; I'll have the team check the search issue in iTunes. And your map provider suggestion is being forwarded to the developers also.