View Full Version : Required parameter missing when loading address from Contacts

01.11.2010, 13:20

I've just downloaded the iPhone App and it's very impressive. However I can't find anywhere on your site to report bugs with it. Everytime I try and load an address from my iPhone contacts I get the error 'required parameter missing'. All the addresses are in UK format, does that make any difference?

If anyone knows a fix for this, that would be great. It does also happen in Google maps so maybe it is the address format...


skobbler team
01.11.2010, 14:07

Thank you for your interest in Skobbler. If there is a problem with the application you can send an email to support@skobbler.com. We will investigate the problem and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Any feedback is welcomed.
The "Required parameter missing" message can be caused by an incomplete address. Could you give me the address or could you tell me what type of information it contains(country, city, postal code...)?

Skobbler team