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29.10.2010, 19:17
It seems that the routing algorithm is getting confused by the following route:
It is clear that you can go either via Kings Arms Yard or Lothbery to get a shorter route.
OpenRoutingService doesn't have this problem:
If anybody from skobbler is monitoring this forum please let me know your views.

skobbler team
01.11.2010, 14:45

I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem while using the application. The second route does seem to be shorter. I can assure you that currently, the development team is working on improving the routing mechanism so stay tuned.

Please let us know if we may help you with anything else.

Best regards,

Skobbler team

07.04.2011, 14:01
Seem to be fixed now. :)


07.04.2011, 17:53
That image seems to represent a routing going in the opposite direction. How did you get that image? Is there a way to simulate the routing outside of the app?

07.04.2011, 18:08

Go to your bug above the bug view on the right is a second tab, than place A and B whereever you want.

07.04.2011, 18:10
Oh ok. Its fixed.

07.04.2011, 18:16
Well there seem exist differences by in versions or by moduletypes ... since we drive in germany on the right side our roundabouts are ccw but the website use to drive for some reasons on one example wrong ... but my mobile does it right a week ago so I do not know if its exactly the same