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20.10.2010, 19:52
Love it, but (well there is always "but" :) )

1. I would like to see this product to work like satnav (skoobler lite) with 3d + voice navigation, not only like google maps.
2. I would like to be able to get small app (lets say 50MB) and then choose what maps (countries) i want to download, as now it takes over 1GB on my phone and im using maybe 4 countries.

Are there any plans to implement those things?


skobbler team
21.10.2010, 10:22
Hi Marcin,

Thank you for using ForeverMap and giving us feed-back.
I'm glad to tell you that our team is already working on your second proposal and this will be available in a future release.
Adding navigation on ForeverMap is a good point, but (well there is always "but") this will not be available in the very next releases.

Thanks again for your interest in skobbler
skobbler team